Sunday Shelf, Vol. 7

I am definitely not buying any more books.

I haven’t blogged in quite some time, the reasons for which are multiple. Some of them will make their way into another post in the pipeline, hopefully after not such a long hiatus as this one!

Something that I have been doing, however, is buying books. Like many readers, I’ve come to the conclusion that reading books, and acquiring books, are two entirely separate hobbies. Visiting any bookshop is something that I regard with anticipation and excitement, and being now within easy distance of London, with its immense bookshops and choice of booksellers I regularly feel like a child in a sweetshop. There is something brilliant about being surrounded by books, and the low hum of other people who also seek the written word like moths to a flame. And I think this is something I’ve always felt, a joy handed down from my parents who’d take me to the big library in our hometown, what felt like every Friday night when I was small.

That thrill of being surrounded by books, and wanting to read them all, is what’s led me to this blog post and my current predicament. I possess a frankly shameful number of books that I have not yet read. That feels like a weighty confession, one that I’m mildly ashamed of despite how much comfort I glean from being surrounded by reading material.

As of yesterday, I’m on a self-imposed book-buying ban. I compiled a list of all the books on my TBR (that’s a ‘To Be Read’ pile/list, to those unfamiliar with online reading vocabulary) and was horrified how large that number had grown. I keep a record of the books I read each year, and this year those books will be ones that I currently own/have borrowed, whether they are physical books, ebooks or audiobooks. It’s an unusual challenge as far as my reading habits go, as I can’t really remember a time when I wasn’t buying books. But nonetheless it’s one I’m determined to stick to – 2022 is the year I read what I have instead of seeking more titles for the endless TBR!

2021 Reading Round-up

I finished thirty-seven books last year. My genre choices were an eclectic mix, to say the least, from memoirs to historical crime fiction, and middle-grade to my ever-favoured YA Lit. Instead of typing them all up, I have collaged all the covers, and will provide a link below to where you can view my whole list. (Disclaimer: if you decided to purchase any books through that link, I would earn a tiny commission at no cost to you.)

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