Finding My Voice

So, this happened…

On Wednesday morning, I recorded a podcast with the wonderful Toria from Teaching Others and Learning All the Time. She has made it her mission to raise tiny voices from the Twitterverse, to help us be heard and to make our stories known.

One of those stories is mine.

My URL alone should demonstrate that a podcast is a long way out of my comfort zone. My interview technique or lack thereof is also a pretty good indication! But over the summer, something has shifted for me: a desire to be heard. This blog is one way, and being the first early-career teacher to speak on Tiny Voice Talks is another.

I won’t give too much away of what we discussed in the podcast: I think it’s an excellent snapshot of me, my story and my identity as a teacher. It’s a huge step for me to start this new chapter of finding a voice and using it – as you will hear if you give the podcast a listen, you’ll realise that for a long time I didn’t really have a voice at all.

You can hear the podcast on BuzzSprout here, or via Spotify here.

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